We can help with your Drone Registration in Thailand for only THB 1,498

Anyone that wants to fly a drone in Thailand must be registered with two Thailand authorities. These are:

  • Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT)
  • The National Broadcasting Telecommunication Commission (NBTC)

The registration process can be lengthy and complex, especially if you are registering from overseas, so to help we offer a service to complete the drone registration for you.

The Drone Registration Process

Our drone registration service will follow these steps;

  1. Buy your Thailand drone insurance from us.
  2. We will send a link to apply for the Thailand drone registration service, fill in the form and pay THB 1,498 online. This price includes tax and all government fees.
  3. We will then submit your registration to CAAT, this can take around 2 weeks and can be done before you arrive in Thailand.
  4. Upon your arrival in Thailand you will need to send us a photo of your immigration stamp in your passport, then we can process your NBTC registration, this can take 2-3 days.
  5. We will send your CAAT and NBTC registration certificates once each step is complete. Once both CAAT and NBTC are done then the service is complete and you can legally fly your drone in Thailand.

If you have any questions or need additional information please check our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) or contact our team at [email protected].

Terms of Service

By using our registration service you agree to the following terms:

  • The service price includes Thailand VAT and all fees necessary to complete your registration, including the THB 214 payable to NBTC.
  • The fee is not refundable once we commence the service. We will refund you if we cannot provide the service – this happens in rare cases such as if your drone is not eligible or if you are beyond the 30 day NBTC registration cut-off.
  • We can only offer the registration service to customers that also purchase one of our Thailand drone insurance plans.
  • We cannot speed up the registration process, but in many cases it is completed sooner than the stated timeframes. We are very familiar with the drone registration process and the requirements so we do everything we can to ensure your registration is submitted correctly and completed as fast as possible, but we cannot make the authorities process it any quicker.
  • We keep regular business hours and work Monday to Friday. CAAT and NBTC also do not work on weekends and are closed on public holidays. This may cause unavoidable delays with your registration e.g. if you send it to us on a Friday evening or before a public holiday it will not be submitted for processing until the next working day.
  • Due to working hours, drone registrations cannot be processed after 4:30pm Thailand time (UTC+7). Any registrations received after this time will be submitted the next business day.
  • If you have already started the registration process yourself by creating an account with NBTC or CAAT then we will need you to provide the login details for us to take over and complete your registration.

Additional Useful Information

Here are some common questions, please see our FAQ for more answers:

  • Your CAAT registration is valid for 2 years, even if you leave and re-enter Thailand.
  • Your NBTC registration is valid for the length of your visa or entry stamp at the time of registering, so if you extend your stay in Thailand or leave and re-enter Thailand you will have to renew your NBTC registration. If we have previously handled your drone registration then we can also help with your NBTC renewal for a small fee, please contact us at [email protected].
  • You must register with NBTC within 30 days of arriving in Thailand. Possession of an unregistered drone for longer than 30 days is against the regulations and we cannot help with your registration if it is beyond the 30 day cut-off.
  • You have to register even if you don’t fly your drone.

Still have questions? Visit our FAQ or contact our expert team in Bangkok at [email protected]