Aviation Hull Insurance

Aircraft hull insurance in Thailand provides you with cover against loss or damage caused to your aircraft, its engine or fitted parts.

Insurers will pay for the repair or replacement of the aircraft up to an agreed amount, minus any deductible on the claim, that is the contribution you must pay.

If your aircraft is damaged then insurers can choose between paying the cost of repairing the damage, or paying you in order to carry out the repairs.

Aircraft hull insurance in Thailand will apply when your aircraft is in flight, taxiing, taking off or landing. It also covers when your aircraft has been reported missing during the flight.

Aircrafts are insured on an ‘agreed value’, that is agreed between you and the insurers at the commencement of your insurance policy. This will be the sum paid out in the case of the total loss of your aircraft, regardless of the actual market value of your aircraft at the time of its loss.

You will need to give the insurers details of your aircraft to be insured, including its make and model, type, year of manufacture and serial number.

Your insurance coverage will also include a deductible, which can be reduced at a premium if you take out a hull deductible insurance policy. If you are interested in this hull deductible insurance, please let us know.

We will be happy to provide you with full details of coverage, terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions, upon request.


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Aviation Spares Insurance

Aircraft Hull Insurance cover includes engines and any other part of the aircraft, so long as it is fitted.

You can also take out aircraft spares insurance coverage for engines and other equipment, including spares, which are going to be installed on your aircraft, so long as these are on your property and in your care, custody or control. Aircraft spares insurance can also cover any tools used by mechanics or engineers to service, maintain or repair the aircraft.

Insurers will impose a maximum sum to be paid out on any one claim, as well as a deductible, which represents the money you will have to contribute to any claim.

Any salvage costs you incur while recovering your spares will be covered by the insurers, at their consent.

As with any insurance policy there will be a number of exclusions. These will include any damage or loss to the spares after they have been fitted to the aircraft, as well as any damage or loss once they have become detached from the aircraft. Wear and tear and other deterioration, defect or failure will also be excluded from your policy.

At all times the insurers will expect you to keep an accurate record of all the spares included in the aircraft spares insurance policy, including a note of their value.

Aircraft Liability Insurance:
Third parties

There are two types of aircraft liability insurance in Thailand – one is for third parties and the other for passengers.

Aircraft liability insurance cover (third parties) protects you against any accidental bodily injury or property damage, including death, that might be caused by your aircraft to a third party.

The insurance will cover you for compensation you are liable to pay for any bodily injury or property damage caused by your aircraft, including when the damage is caused by an object falling from your aircraft.

Cover can also be taken for damage caused when the aircraft is not in operation.

Insurers will indemnify you against any claim for loss or damage to a third party from the moment that the loss or damage takes pace, even when the extent of the loss or damage is as yet not known.

Any claims relating to noise, sonic boom or vibration will be excluded from your Aircraft liability insurance coverage, unless they relate to a crash, explosion or emergency operation.

You can also take out separate noise insurance cover. If you are interested in this, then please contact the team at FEIC for further information.

The insurers will limit their liability, but only in accordance with Thai law and international requirements, including the Montreal Convention.

For more details about combined limits, please see the following Aircraft Liability insurance (passengers) section.

Thailand Aviation Insurance
Aircraft Hull, Spares and Liability Insurance

Aircraft Liability Insurance:

Aircraft liability insurance coverage (passengers) in Thailand, provides you with cover against any claim made for accidental bodily injury to passengers while they are either on board, boarding or exiting your aircraft. Insurance can also be taken to cover against loss of or damage to the baggage or personal articles of your passengers.

Aircraft liability insurance (passengers) in Thailand covers claims in respect of accidental bodily injury caused while your passenger is boarding, is on board or exiting your aircraft.

The insurers will limit their liability, but only in accordance with Thai law and international requirements, including the Montreal Convention. The coverage will have a limit on the amount payable for each passenger, per accident. It is likely that there will also be a maximum total sum for each accident, regardless of how many passengers are covered.

Where joint aircraft liability insurance coverage is taken for both passengers and third parties, the insurers will normally apply a combined maximum single limit.

It is usual to define passengers as anyone who travels in an aircraft, while not performing any duty on that flight. Members of crew and pilots can also be covered under the insurance if required.

Aircraft liability insurance for passengers in Thailand will normally be conditional upon you taking necessary measures to limit your liability prior to the passenger boarding your aircraft. these measure might include issuing a passenger with a valid ticket and baggage check. Failure to comply with such conditions might lead to the insurers limiting their liability to meet their legal obligations only. You should also note that the provisions and limits of the Montreal Convention, will apply even when you do not issue a passenger with a document of carriage.

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